remedy [ rem-i-dee ] verb:

  1. to cure, relieve, or heal.

  2. to restore to the natural or proper condition; put right:


Our Ethos

Remedy’s brandmark is derived from the mathematical symbol for ‘much greater than’. Deeply entrenched in Remedy’s core values is the Japanese word Kaizen, which translates as ‘improvement’.

Remedy constantly strives to improve, to be much greater than what we were yesterday — to be the best we possibly can be for our clients. This is what sets us apart from the rest.


Freddie Murray, Remedy Founder

Freddie had a 12-year professional soccer career, which was blighted by injury. Since retiring he has worked in the English premier league as a 1st team physiotherapist and has consulted for team GB as well as within rugby league. He has worked extensively in the entertainment industry and holds a BSc Hons in Physiotherapy and an MSc in Sports Rehabilitation, both from the highly-regarded Salford University.

Freddie has experienced firsthand what it is like to be injured during his athletic career and is uniquely positioned to help clients return to full health.