Our aim is to provide our clients with the highest standard of care for their problems. All of our staff have extensive postgraduate training, including Masters degrees, and regularly attend cutting-edge development courses. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the latest and best available evidence-based practice.



For those who are in pain or suffering with an injury, we treat a vast array of conditions from sporting injuries to persistent pain problems. Our Physiotherapists are used to helping clients overcome complex problems that others may not have been able to solve. Our Physiotherapy team are MSc level trained and have experience of working in elite sport.


Sports Rehabilitation

This is a specialist area that is often found wanting in most Physiotherapy clinics. ‘Rehab’ starts once the initial pain or injury has settled down and the process of regaining function again starts. It is the process that takes you back to where you were pre-injury. Our Sports Rehabilitators are MSc level trained and have experience of working in elite sport.


Strength & Conditioning

Whether it is for performance enhancement or injury prevention, improving fitness and strength is essential to make your system more robust so it can cope with the demands of your life. S&C commences when pain has settled and function has returned. Our S&C coaches are MSc level trained and have experience of working in elite sport.



You can’t out run a bad diet! Our Nutritionist works across a plethora of elite sports such as cycling, boxing, football, golf, rugby and with numerous Olympic athletes. Whether you just want to loose a few pounds or build some lean muscle, our Nutritionist is PhD qualified will help you reach your individual goals, whatever they may be.


Our specialist Osteopaths are vastly experienced at dealing with complex musculoskeletal injuries. Masters in the art of manipulation and manual therapy our clients benefit from these very skilled practitioners.

Injection Therapy

We have the very best injection therapy consultants available globally for our clients – from cortisone to stem cell — with instant access you won’t be kept waiting.

Sports Doctors

Our team of sports doctors are available to our clients for anything medically that is concerning. If we feel you need to be scanned, we will make sure we get you in immediately and use only the finest radiographers to report on the images – we leave no stone unturned when it comes to your healthcare. 

Surgical Referrals

Surgery is always after we have tried everything to help you. For our clients that have failed conservative management we have a very strong relationships with the best surgeons around the world. We will take you to your appointment and be there when you wake up – for us your recovery starts immediately. 

Sleep Specialists

We take sleep very seriously — we value sleep greater than anything else — we call it the restore button, so for the many who have sleep problems we help you find natural solutions to take back control. We have experts at finding a reason why; treating the cause and not the symptoms. 


For our clients who suffer with recurrent colds and flus – our immunologist is an expert in his field at looking at your health holistically and giving you better strategies at reducing your risk of recurrence. 


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Muscle Activation

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Pain Relief

Ice Compression

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Wound Healing

Swelling Reduction

Post Training Recovery

Strength Training

Muscle Activation

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